Low-profile Air Handling Units

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The UTBS are low profile air handling units designed specifically for installation in false ceiling.
The framework is made of extruded aluminium profiles and reinforced nylon corner joints.
Double skin sandwich panels with 25 mm mineral wool insulation (good thermal and acoustic performance).
Plastic coated outer panel and galvanised steel inner panel.
Different combinations of water and direct expansion coils and electric batteries.

- Plug fans with AC 3-phase motors, class F.
- UTBS-2 and 3 models are equipped with one fan and UTBS-5 and 8 have two in-parallel fans.
- Supply power of fan via built-in frequency converter.

F7 Filter supplied with the unit. Possibility of mounting a second filter (accessory).
Filter with low pressure drop.
- Sound attenuators
- Filtering boxes
- Mixing boxes


  • UTBS-PRO-REGbdp506

    Robust construction
    High quality finishing with aluminium profile structure, providing a robust and tight assembly.

  • UTBS-PRO-REGbdp487

    Clamping system
    Via articulated arm, that allows maximum tightness of the filtering section.

  • UTBS-PRO-REGbdp481

    UTBS PRO-REG includes integral operating control. It includes manual or automatic control of the fan for VAV, CAV or COP modes:

    VAV- variable air volume
    Fan speed can be adjusted via analogue 0-10V signal.

    CAV - constant air volume
    Fan speed can be adjusted to allow a constant airflow.

    COP - constant pressure
    Fan speed can be adjusted to mantain a contant pressure in the ducting sys tem.

    Coils management
    Versions equipped with coils allow the management of the chilled/hot water via temperature probes included in the unit.
    * See complete table of control functionalities.

  • UTBS-PRO-REGbdp531

    Easy access to filters
    Access to change the filters by the side or bottom panel.

  • UTBS-PRO-REGbdp501

    Condensate drip tray
    Versions with stainless steel water and direct expansion coils with side outlet.

  • UTBS-PRO-REGbdp496

    Built-in Plug-fans with backward curved impeller controlled via frequency converter.

  • UTBS-PRO-REGbdp549

    Heater Batteries
    Possibility of integrating water or expansion coils and electric batteries.

  • UTBS-PRO-REGbdp540

    Integrated control
    Integrated electronic control, inside the unit.

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