Air vents (air inlets): Accesoires

Air vents (air inlets): Accesoires

Range of Air vents (air inlets): Accesoires

  • In order to properly install a MEV system (Mechanical Extract Ventilation Systems) in S&P we offer you different mounting accessories so that you can correctly install the air inlets in each of your rooms.

    Among the different accessories we offer you can find silencer kits or sleeves in galvanized steel plate to mount the air inlets on the walls.

    Get to know our accessories for air inlets and compliment your humidity sensitive or self-regulating controlled mechanical ventilation system:

  • SILEC KIT, wall bushing silencers

    The bulkhead silencers of the EC-N and ECA-HY 6/45 series are made entirely of polystyrene. They are placed in the cladding after perforating the wall and recessed a PVC sleeve Ø 125 mm.

    The Silec Kit consists of a silencer, a 50mm plastic adjusting sleeve, an acoustic sleeve 30 m3/h 51 dB (A), a PVC sleeve Ø 125 mm to be recessed in the wall with a length of 20mm and a Ø 125 mm wall grid with clips of 150x150mm.

    MNG, galvanized sheet steel sleeves

    Galvanized sheet steel sleeves of the MNG range are used to mount air intakes on walls. They have a thickness of 0.75mm and are adapted to the aerators of 354x12mm.

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