Motorised damper unit with spring return and optical smoke detector.


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Motorised damper unit with spring return and optical smoke detector, to be installed as part of pressure differential systems, together with PDS CONTROL MD series units.
In the event of smoke detection, the damper closes.
Power supply and control through the PDS CONTROL MD units.
Manufactured in galvanized steel, suitable for outdoor installation.
The damper is removable for maintenance, cleaning or replacement, without the need to disassemble the module from the installation.
Can be installed leaving the inspection door on the left or right side of the installation.
External terminal box for ease of connection.
Compatible with CVD CHGT/CGT and ACOP RECT CHGT/CGT F400 accessories.
Maximum ambient temperature: 50ºC.
Recommended air velocity 3.2 - 10m/s.
Other sizes or finishes, check with S&P.

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