Control panels for Pressure Differential Systems (PDS)


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  • Fire fighter<br>Manual control

    Fire fighter
    Manual control

  • Pressure differential Systems (PDS)

    Pressure differential Systems (PDS)

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Control panels for Pressure Differential Systems (PDS). Designed and programmed to satisfy the requirements described in EN 12101-6. These allow automatic control of airflow and pressure differential in escape routes, elevators or shelter areas. Series for systems that also require control of a fail-safe motorized damper with integrated optical smoke detector.

System Control – Fire fighters key-lock switch
AUTO: Automatic control through pressure transducer + VSD (default position).
ON: Manual activation of the system with 2 pre-set fan speeds (MIN/MAX). Allows to manually force the MD dampers to open, ignoring the smoke sensor.
OFF: Manual STOP and system reset; ignores external signals.

Main Features
Performance verified in AMCA accredited and ENAC audited laboratory.
Key-lock switch for manual override for fire-fighters (ON/AUTO/OFF), also useful for commissioning stage and maintenance operations.
AUTO/OPEN for damper control, forces its opening ignoring the smoke sensor.
Remote control using PDS REM MD series accessories.
Calibration-friendly for ease of commissioning and routine maintenance operations.
Pre-cabled maneuver for remote activation of daily ventilation, by means of a time programmer.
Outputs for status monitoring.
Modbus protocol communication available.
Steel enclosure.

PDS CONTROL MD for single fan systems with an MD damper.
PDS CONTROL MD2 for single fan systems with two MD dampers.
PDS CONTROL MD DUAL for systems that require a back-up stand-by fan, whether in series or in parallel, and an MD damper.
PDS CONTROL MD2 DUAL for systems that require a back-up stand-by fan, whether in series or in parallel, and two MD dampers.

Supply Voltage
M - Single phase; 220-240V 50/60Hz up to 2,2kW.
T - Three phase; 380-400V + N 50/60Hz up to 7,5kW.
Other kW requirements, check with S&P.

Panels for remote control/override of the corresponding PDS CONTROL MD.
They replicate indicators and switches, for those cases in which control of the system is required from a different location, typically staircase or building access.
Powered through the corresponding control unit.
With key-lock switch for manual override.
Accessories reserved for firefighters.

MD dampers
Motorised damper unit with spring return and optical smoke detector, to be installed as part of pressure differential systems, together with PDS CONTROL MD series units.
In the event of smoke detection, the damper closes.
Power supply and control through the PDS CONTROL MD units.
Manufactured in galvanized steel, suitable for outdoor installation.
The damper is removable for maintenance, cleaning or replacement, without the need to disassemble the module from the installation.
Can be installed leaving the inspection door on the left or right side of the installation.
External terminal box for ease of connection.
Compatible with CVD CHGT/CGT and ACOP RECT CHGT/CGT F400 accessories.
Maximum ambient temperature: 50ºC.
Recommended air velocity 3.2 - 10m/s.
Other sizes or finishes, check with S&P.
  • Product Datasheet EN_PDS-CONTROL_MD 816.05Kb

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