Plate Mounted Axial Flow

Plate Mounted Axial Flow

Range of Plate Mounted Axial Flow

  • Our plate mounted axial flow fans are the answer to your ventilation needs for comercial and industrial installations. S&P has a wide range of solutions for every need such as explosive atmospheres or agricultural extract or supply applications.

  • HIB-P/HIT-P, high-efficiency for agricultural applications

    The plate mounted axial flow fans from HIB-P/HIT-P series are a ventilation solution for commercial applications, having high-efficiency in agricultural applications. Their fans have galvanised steel sheet structure, outlet louvre shutter with mechanical opening and inlet guard from galvanised steel. Single phase versions HIB or three phase versions HIT models available. IP55 and Class F with thermal protector included. The units can be supplied at 60HZ, and without automatic louvre shutter an replaced with a steel mesh guard on the discharge.

    HXBR/HXTR, “sickle” blade impeller plate mounted fans

    The plate mounted axial flow fans from this range have a “Sickle” blade impeller, which is high efficiency specially designed to ensure the highest and the most efficient airflow performance with the lowest noise level. They have compact design, with very low profile design that optimises airflow performances whilst minimising noise generation as well. They have corrosion resistance because the mounting plate, motor support and the finger proof guard are protected by cataforesis primer and have black polyester paint finish and it is supplied with stainless steel screws. It is equipped with thermal protection and terminal box with capacitor incorporated in single phase models.

    HDB/HDT, plate mounted axial flow flameproof fans

    Our HDB/HDT plate mounted axial flow fans are specially designed for explosive atmospheres. This range have the mounting plate manufactured from galvanised sheet steel fitted with an internal aluminium ring and motor support manufactured from heavy gauge aluminium sheet. The whole assembly is protected by aluminium paint finish B-0920, and impellers manufactured from one piece die-cast aluminium with aerofoil profile fixed blades and finished in a high temperature paint coating (red colour).

    HXM, plate mounted axial flow fans protected from corrosion by epoxy-polyester paint finish

    The HXM plate mounted axial flow fans are manufactured from pressed galvanised steel protected from corrosion by a beige epoxy-polyester paint finish. HXM models include impellers manufactured from aluminium sheet (HXM-200 to HXM-350) or steel sheet (HXM-400), finished with black polyester paint. All models of these plate mounted axial flow fans include a steel finger proof guard as standard mounted to the inlet side of the fan. They are provided with a cable for connection to the electrical supplies (except the HXM-400 model). This last model HXM-400 has wiring terminal box including the capacitor.

    HCFB/HCFT, plate mounted axial flow fans with plastic impellers

    The range of low profile plate mounted axial flow fans HCFB/HCFT are fitted with plastic impellers with fiberglass. Their impeller is dynamically balanced, according to ISO 1940 standard, giving vibration free operation. They have a compact design created by the combination of the motor with the factory matched direct drive wrap around impeller hub. Their mounting plate, motor support and finger proof guard are protected by cataforesis primer, they also have a black polyester paint finish and stainless steel screws that increase their corrosion resistance.

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