Roof Mounted Fans
CRVB-N/CRVT-N Series - Vertical discharge


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Range of centrifugal roof mounted fans in vertical discharge format:
- Very low profile design
- Base manufactured from galvanised sheet steel.
- High efficiency centrifugal backward curved impeller manufactured from high strength black injection moulded plastic (225 and 250) or from aluminium sheet (from 280 to 355).
- External rotor motor
- Cowl manufactured from spun aluminium.
- On-Off isolator switch
Available, depending on the model, in 2, 4 o 6 poles.

- Single-phase external rotor motor 230V-50/60Hz (CRVB-N),IP54, class F, with safety thermal overload protection.
Speed controllable by voltage.
- Three-phase external rotor motor 230/400V- 50/60Hz (CRVT-N), IP54, class F, with safety thermal overload protection.
Speed controllable by frequency inverter and by voltage.


  • CRVB/CRVTbdp506

    Backward curved centrifugal impellers
    To prevent accumulation of dirt.

  • CRVB/CRVTbdp487

    High efficiency centrifugal backward impeller
    Low maintenance and low consumption

  • CRVB/CRVTbdp481

    Bird proof guard
    Steel finger proof guard.

  • CRVB/CRVTbdp531

    Isolation switch
    ON-OFF electrical isolation switch fitted on the fan as standard.

  • pdf_ins1 Ins_CRHB-CRHT-CRVB-CRVT 888.22Kb
  • Product Datasheet EN_CRH-N-CRV-N 5.50Mb

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