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Tower Fans

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  • S&P offers a wide range of comfort fans for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Among our wide range of products you can find among other tower fans designed for the ventilation of any type of room.

    Get to know our range of comfort fans, and choose the one that best suits your ventilation needs.

  • ARTIC TOWER, tower fans for tight spaces

    The tower fans of the ARTIC TOWER series are characterized by their small footprint. It is for this reason that they are easy to locate, adapting to all rooms easily according to the needs. These tower fans have 3 speeds. Its body has two positions, fixed or oscillating up to 80º. These are lightweight tower fans as they do not weigh more than 3 kilos.

    The ARTIC TOWER series of tower fans features two models, ARTIC TOWER M available in white and ARTIC TOWER E in metallic. Both models have an air freshener tank that allows the use of aromatic products (not included with the product) to not only ventilate, but also to perfume the room where they are installed.

    All of them have a handle for easy transport. They also have a mesh that has an air filter, to ensure in addition to protecting users a proper filtering of the fan air.

    The ARTIC TOWER E model also incorporates a timer, with remote control and control knob with indicator lights. The fan has a remote control bracket at the top. On the other hand, the Artic Tower M tower fan has simpler control knobs (non-remote control) but equally functional. The ARTIC TOWER E tower fan has an energy-saving system. This saving system means that the unit switches off automatically after 8h of operation. Its timer has a Timer On function, i. e. a function in which the tower fan sets the time to start the fan. It also has a timer off function, which sets the time to switch off the fan.

    The air flow rates shown in the technical data of our wall fans include induced flow rates according to IEC 60879.

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