Centrifugal Direct Drive Fan

Centrifugal Direct Drive Fan

Range of Centrifugal Direct Drive Fan

  • Among our ventilation solutions for commercial and industrial applications are centrifugal fans, capable of moving large amounts of air with high efficiency.

    In our range of centrifugal fans you will find solutions for all types of installations: ATEX, to work in explosive atmospheres; smoke extract, prepared to transfer air at 400ºC/2h, with silent-blocks, which allows to reduce noise and avoid vibrations....

    Learn about S&P's centrifugal fan solutions and choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • CBM SMALL, compact single or double inlet system

    The low pressure centrifugal fans of the CBM SMALL range are made of galvanised sheet steel protected with anticorrosive polyester paint and can be configured as single or double inlet. These fans are composed of forward blade impeller, dynamically balanced motor-roller assembly, IP44 motor, Class B, with permanent ball bearings greased for life. Its special design of the motor-roller assembly provides great compactness, especially in single inlet models, and to avoid noise and vibrations the impeller of these centrifugal fans are dynamically balanced. On request, the CBM SMALL fan range can also be supplied with a coupling flange mounted at the fan outlet.

    CBM-RE, low pressure centrifugal fans

    Our range of low pressure centrifugal fans of the CBM-RE range consists of centrifugal fans with double inlet fan with built-in motor. The fans in this range are made of galvanized sheet steel, forward vane impellers, dynamically balanced, external motor with ball bearings and thermal protector. The impeller of these equipment is dynamically balanced, which allows to reduce noise and avoid vibrations. In addition, the silent-block directly coupled to the engine prevents the transmission of vibrations to the assembly, which significantly reduces the noise transmitted to the installation.

    CBP, double aspiration fans

    The CBP range of double aspiration centrifugal fans, made of galvanized steel plate, are composed of impeller blades forward and shaft with output on both sides to incorporate the transmission motor. These centrifugal fans are also available in double or triple, reinforced or single inlet versions. The attachment support feet allow four positions of the discharge port. They are characterized by their great robustness thanks to their support of the reinforced single-piece shaft with ball bearings, and the impeller of these centrifugal fans is dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940, to reduce noise and avoid vibrations.

    CHMT, smoke extraction in case of fire

    The CHMT series centrifugal fans with simple extraction and extraction are suitable for working in 400ºC/2H environments, allowing them to evacuate fire smoke in car parks. These fans are made of steel sheet steel protected with anti-corrosive epoxy-polyester paint, impeller in dynamically balanced galvanized steel with front vanes, three-phase motor IP55, Class H for continuous duty applications S1 or in case of emergency S2. In addition, these units are equipped with dynamically balanced impellers according to ISO 1940 standard, to reduce noise and avoid vibrations.

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