Ducting, reduction elements and duct joining piece

Ducting, reduction elements and duct joining piece

Range of Ducting, reduction elements and duct joining piece

  • At S&P we offer you a wide range of mounting accessories, in which you can find ducts, reductions and shunts to complete your ventilation systems.

    In our range of ducts, reductions and derivations you will find: flexible aluminium ducts, rigid ducts, soundproofed checkpoints, floor collectors, circular sheet metal reductions or reductions to connect rigid ducts, among many other accessories.

    Discover our catalogue of ducts, reductions and shunts and select the one that best suits your ventilation system:

  • GSA-M0, flexible aluminium ducts

    The flexible aluminium ducts of the GSA-M0 range have an aluminium and polyester coating that envelops a helical steel wire frame. These flexible ducts can be used in general installations, in single-family, collective or commercial dwellings.

    GSI-MO, aluminium and polyester insulated flexible ducts with M0/M1 classification.

    The flexible ducts of the GSI-M0 range are insulated in aluminium and polyester and have an M0/M1 classification. These ducts consist of a perforated M0 inner duct, protected by a 25mm M0 fibreglass coating and covered with flexible aluminium, reinforced with M1 fibreglass mesh. GSI ducts offer good thermal and acoustic insulation.

    TES, soundproofed inspection points

    The sound-absorbed recording points of the TET range allow the fan noise to be attenuated, ensuring that the installation is watertight.

    RED, circular sheet metal reduction

    The circular reducers made of galvanized sheet metal, RED, are designed to adapt ducts of different diameters. The different models adapt to diameters ranging from 125 to 200mm.

    GP-ISO ECOSOFT, insulated flexible ducts in black PVC, oxalate-free

    The insulated flexible ducts made of oxalate-free black PVC in the GP-ISO ECOSOFT range are protected by an insulating layer of 25mm recyclable fibreglass. The flexible ducts of the GP-ISO ECOSOFT range do not produce odour, dust or allergies.These flexible ducts are used in individual VMC installations to connect the fan unit to the openings.

    MRT, metal couplings for connecting ducts of the same diameter

    The metal couplings of the MRT range are designed to connect ducts of the same diameter. If the length is 88mm and can be coupled with ducts of the following diameters: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm and 315mm.

    LA, acoustic connections

    The acoustic connections of the LA range provide a 7 dB attenuation. These connections are available for 80 mm diameter or 125 mm diameter ducts.

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