Static Heat Recovery Units. Residental and Light Commercial Installations

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  • CADS-FLEXEObdp532
  • CADS-FLEXEObdp547
  • <strong>Multi dwelling blocks</strong>

    Multi dwelling blocks

  • <strong>Single dwellings</strong>

    Single dwellings

  • <strong>Heat recovery unit</strong>

    Heat recovery unit


Static (without fan) high efficiency heat recovery units (up to 94%). The low profile and light weight allow installation in ceiling voids, in single dwelling houses or multi-dwelling blocks.
EPP material body with easy access via turnbuckle latches, with pivoting spigots at 90º, G4 filter in the extraction side and F5 filter in the inlet air side.

The CADS-FLEXEO BP version includes automatic or manual 100% bypass, whose design helps to maintain the low profile of the heat recovery unit, thus allowing it to be perfectly installed above false ceilings.
It includes remote control to activate the boost function, the by-pass and the reset filter alarm.


  • CADS-FLEXEObdp506

    Very compact - Low Profile
    Suitable for installation in ceiling voids.

  • CADS-FLEXEObdp487

    High-efficiency heat exchanger.

  • CADS-FLEXEObdp481

    CADS-FLEXEO BP Version

  • CADS-FLEXEObdp531

    Multi-position outlets, pivoting at 90º, which facilitate the installation process.

  • CADS-FLEXEObdp501

    Easy acces to G4 and F5 filters.

  • CADS-FLEXEObdp496

    Turnbuckle latches for secure and air tight casing.

  • CADS-FLEXEObdp549

    Condensation drain.

  • CADS-FLEXEObdp540

    Remote control. Functions:
    - Boost: to regulate ALIZE extraction valve in the kitchen, and the RMME damper in the living room.
    - Clogged filter alarm.
    - Manual by-pass, 8 hours (only in MANDO CADS FLEXEO BP model).

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