Static High-Efficiency Heat Recovery Units
CADS-HE Series


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    Multi-dwelling blocks

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    Heat recovery units

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Static (without fan) high efficiency heat recovery units (up to 92%), with a low profile and light weight enabling them to be installed in false ceilings, designed to work with low consumption fans. Cabinet made of galvanised sheet steel with 10 mm thick polyurethane foam insulation (M1), totally hermetic, rubber gaskets inlet and outlet circular duct connections.
Easy maintenance through access hatch.
High-efficiency PVC counterflow-type heat exchanger.
Condensation drain and inlet and outlet filters (G2 grade) that can be changed without the use of tools.

CADS-HE BP models
Incorporating a motorised by-pass.
The by-pass enables part of the air extracted not to pass through the heat exchanger, when it is desired to cool the premises (with a lower outside temperature than the inside).
The by-pass is reversible, so it can adapt to different airflow layouts, supplying added or extracted air according to the configuration of the ducting system.

Additional information
G4 filters, as an accessory.


  • CADS-HEbdp506

    Easy maintenance
    Cover for quick access to the heat exchanger and filters, to facilitate their cleaning or replacement.

  • CADS-HEbdp487

    Models with by pass
    BP models with a reversible by pass, which enables part of the extracted air not to pass through the heat exchanger.
    Works with a motorised damper.

  • CADS-HEbdp481

    Heat exchanger
    Counter flow high efficiency heat exchanger.

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