Single Room Heat Recovery


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Decentralized ventilation unit, with heat recovery, for single rooms in domestic or commercial applications. Elegant design that allows its adaptation to any environment.
Brushless motor with low comsumption electronic control.
Ventilation system through an reversing motor and a heat exchanger with a performance up to 93%. Designed for a continuous operation, the unit adjusts the airflow proportionally to the humidity level (model RD), ensuring excellent indoor air quality.


  • RESPIRObdp506

    Remote control of model RESPIRO RD
    3 speeds
    Humidity control
    - Only extraction
    - Only supply
    - Reversing impulsion and extraction.
    - Security is only activated if humidity exceeds the limit.

  • RESPIRObdp487

    Ceramic heat exchanger with performance up to 93%, protected with a G3 filter at both ends.

  • RESPIRObdp481

    Internal front cover of elegant design, which allows adaptation to any environment.

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