Hand and Hair Dryers

Hand and Hair Dryers

Range of Hand and Hair Dryers

  • At S&P we offer a wide range of hand and hair dryers specially designed for commercial applications. Among others, they can be used in public places such as gymnasiums or swimming pools. Most of them have vandal proof construction and they are impact-resistant, avoiding an inaccurate use.

    Discover our hand and hair dryers models and choose the drying solution that better fits to your commercial application.

  • ECOHAND, dry hands in 10 seconds

    The hand dryers from the range Ecohand are specially designed for commercial use (like offices or workplaces) as well as public use (hotels, gymnasiums and swimming pools, etcetera). These hand dryers are fast, hygienic and energy efficient. They use a powerful, high-speed layer of clean air to eliminate every drop of water from the hands, leaving them dry in just 10 seconds. Ecohand is characterised by its innovative design that prevents water droplets from falling to the ground, and guaranteeing higher levels of hygiene in the toilet. It is very easy to clean and maintain, with easy access to the water collection tray.

    One of their main advantages is that they are fast, drying in only 10 seconds as well as energy efficient thanks to its Brushless motor (without carbon brushes) they can help you have up to 90% saving. These hand dryers have reduced CO2 emissions so they are environmentally friendly. Ecohand series have an automatic operation. They are controlled by an intelligent infrared sensor that turns the unit on and off automatically.

    They have robust, impact resistant housing that gives them an anti-vandal degree of IK10 and a large LCD display that indicates the process and drying time.

    COMET-P and COMET-N, safe Wall-mounted hair dryers

    The wall-mounted hair dryers COMET-P and COMET-N range have tube-style and traditional pistol-grip which makes them suitable for domestic and public use (for places like hotels, gymnasiums, swimming pools, etc.).

    COMET-P has two drying speeds and COMET-N drying speed regulator. Both of them have a manual safety button, to prevent continued operation of the unit after use. These hair dryers are practical and lightweight. They are very easy to install and in order to prevent improper use, once the unit is installed special tools are required to remove it.

    COMET-N, has an automatic start/stop that is activated by the removal or replacement of the tube.

    SL-2008, automatic hand dryers

    The SL-2008 warm air hand dryers range are a perfect solution for public use. These hand dryers have a security device to avoid continued function if an object is left below. They are fitted with thermal overload protection in the motor and the heating element. They offer automatic hairdryers or manual hair dryers.

    SL-2500N, smudge-proof finish hair dryers

    Warm air hand dryers, SL-2500N, are perfect for public use. Their configuration is vandal proof, with an anti-vandal degree IK10. They are fitted with thermal overload protection in the motor and the heating element. Their main characteristic is their metal casing with corrosion protection and smudge-proof finish, with 360º swivel air nozzle.

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